Homemade Puffy Paint

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  • Shaving cream
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Food coloring
  • Small storage containers with lids or paper plates
  • Heavy paper
  • Paintbrushes


  1. Mix equal parts shaving cream and Elmer’s glue into a storage container or paper plate.
    Measure out desired amounts of shaving cream and Elmer’s glue and combine in a storage container or on a paper plate. Avoid mixing too much – mixing too hard or too much will cause paint to lose its puffiness.
    Tip: start with a small amount of each (e.g. ¼ C each).
  2. Add food coloring, one drop at a time.
    Add food coloring slowly until you get the desired color and mix gently to fully incorporate color.
    Tip: record how much food coloring you’re using in each container so that you can recreate the color if more paint is needed.
  3. Grab a piece of heavy paper and a paint brush, and start painting!
    The paint will be puffy, so pay close attention to the textures you’re creating as you paint.

*The paint is messy, so consider putting down newspapers before starting. It may also be best to wear aprons or clothing you don’t mind getting messy.


The shaving cream provides the textured “puffiness” and the glue creates the bind. Add in food coloring and you’ve created your own puffy paint!

Experiment with the colors you can create: how can you create all the colors of the rainbow? Record how you created each colors in a notebook!

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